River Runner™ – PATENTED

Go where no prop has dared!
  • Fits most motors, including I/O’s
  • Water Dynamic – River Runner™ is water dynamic for Hi Speed “Use and Abuse.”
  • Helps Prevent Prop and Skeg Damage
  • Confidence – With our River Runner™ you can feel confident going into shallow waters with the unique gravel deflector, skeg protector, and bottom plate.
  • No Cavitation
  • If a portion of the bottom of the skeg is missing, the River Runner™ can still be mounted.
  • The River Runner™ is and will be the best prop and skeg protection you will ever own.
Size A
9.9 HP - 30 HP
Size B
35 HP to 70 HP
(Honda 9.9 HP - 50 HP use Size A)
Size C
75 HP & Up
(Includes I/O's)
Size D
3 HP - 9.8 HP
(6 HP - 8 HP 4-stroke use Size A)
  • Products made of high impact stainless steel.
  • Fits most motors
  • Not designed for human protection
  • Made in Canada
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